About us

At the beginning of 2014 we were asked to write to the SealyQuarter magazine a few words about our kennel. It’s not the shortest text ever, but it tells the story 🙂 here it comes, hope you enjoy it!


Fredrik’s chapter…

My highest wish as a child was to have my own dog.
After many years of taking walks with dogs from neighbors and others, and after lots of nagging on my father that I was ready for my own dog, he was finally convinced.
I got my first dog when I was 12 in 1989, I was as happy as anyone could ever be.
Her name was Selma and a mix between Golden and Labrador retriever. She was 1 year old when I got her and was actually supposed to be put to sleep. We had 24 hours to decide whether we wanted her or not and of course the only right thing was to save this lovely dog.
She was a super dog for a beginner, happy, calm and easy to teach things.
I started to train and compete in agility and obedience but Selma was maybe not the fastest ever and I wanted more. I started to look around for a breed that was good to train with but on the same time not as common as a Border collie or German Shephard. My heart chose the Nova Scotia duck tolling retriever, the Toller.
Her name was Bonnie and we picked her up in August 1991 and that was one of the most exciting moments in my life, my own puppy, from the beginning.
If Selma was easy going, Bonnie was the opposite. Someone must have thought I had it too easy with Selma.
Bonnie was very difficult in her temperament and I had to train with her a lot. She could for example not stand any strange dogs and behaved like a real idiot when meeting them. It was a hard time for a not so old Fredrik. But the training gave result and we did very well in obedience and especially agility.
This is also when I finally could start showing a bit.
Bonnie did excellent on shows and I loved it. She won BIS at the club show once and had many other high placements.
In 1994 I went to a friend’s house to look at her Toller puppies. Bad move. It resulted in one more Toller, this time a male that we called Zigge.
Also he did great on shows with many high placements and also in agility he did super.
Shows was lots of fun I thought and that is one of the reasons the choice fell on Sealyhams later on.
In the years 1997-2000 I spent several months abroad on two big kennels. That was a great experience. 1997 the visit went to Skansen kennels, California, USA. There I worked with all sizes of the schnauzer family. It was really a fun time.
After that I spent the summer 1998 at kennel van de Vanenblikhoeve in Holland. They have a big boarding kennel and also breed Standard schnauzer and Bouvier des flandres.
The summer after that was also spent at this place.
I learned many good things there and one of them was how to groom.
Since they had many dogs them self and had sold many puppies that came for grooming, the chance to learn both stripping and clipping was very good.
In 2000 I went back a second time to Skansen kennels.
After this visit I felt that it was time to buy a breed that I could practice my grooming skills on and that would suite a bit better for shows then the Tollers, this is how Doris, my first Sealyham came in to my life.
Again I wanted a dog that wasn´t all that common. I never wanted a dog that everyone else had.
I had met the Sealyhams many years before. It was kennel Normlösa that had a breed information booth at a show and I remembered that I still had a paper with info about the breed somewhere at home. I liked them a lot then and on top of that they also reminded a lot about the schnauzers that I had been working with.
After searching for a breeder in Sweden, I found Margaretha Kronborg, kennel Majomas.
It is now 2002 and she just had a litter of puppies and they were ready to move so I went to take a look.
I was hooked…
The one that caught my heart was Doris, Ch. Majomas High-Colour, but she was not for sale, Margaretha was supposed to keep her. I was offered to buy Byron, Doris brother. I went home and did some thinking but could not get Doris out of my head. I called Margaretha and we talked about it and she decided I could have her on breeder’s term. I was so happy.
I learned how to groom her and we started her show career. It started as good as it could. BIS puppy at one of the Swedish terrier club shows.
After this she had set the bar quite high and my hopes for her became even higher.
In 2003 we went to the WDS in Dortmund. I was very nervous since I had never been to such a big show with a dog before. I had been to look at the Sealyhams at the WDS in Amsterdam the year before but now it was for real for both of us. Doris did not disappoint, she took the JWW title and became BOB.
I was a bit shocked but so happy.
My interest for shows of course increased and we went here and there with her and she continued to collect her titles. She has champion titles from Sweden, Norway, Denmark, Finland and she is also international and Nordic champion. Swedish winner in ’02 ’03 ’04 ’05, JWW ´03 and BOB, WW ´09, VWW ´10 and BOB and VWW ´12. She has been BIS at the SSS specialty in ´03, ´04, ´05, ´07 and ´09 and BOS in ´06. She also has numerous BIG and BIS placements.
Doris has been, and still is, a dog apart from others. I was so lucky to be able to get a dog like her, with her beauty and super temperament.

Margaretha was supposed to have a litter on Doris at one point and in 2004 it was time for that and we had a natural break from the shows. She had a litter with 2 male puppies. One of them was sold to USA.
When that was done she was my own.

In 2006 I decided to go back to USA again, this time to work at Jovals kennel, Airedale terriers.
I brought Doris along to be able to show her and also with the thought of breeding her.
We had a lovely time and she got 12 points for her championship but is still missing 3 points to finish it. But at least we went home with a belly full of puppies, sired by Traveling man of Tentyne.
In August, 5 little ones were born, 4 males and 1 female. Since I was thinking of continuing with breeding the only female was to be kept of course but I also wanted to keep a male and that is what happened. Kiri, Ch. Forlegd Te-Anau, and Vito Ch. Forlegd Hawea, stayed with me at home.
Two males went to Holland and one has been shown and used for stud, Forlegd Manapouri.
Kiri and Vito grew and soon enough it was their turn to get into the show ring.
They both have done really well. Vito being Swedish and Norwegian champion, Swedish winner in ´08 and ´09, Norwegian winner ´09 and Nordic winner ´07.
Kiri was not going to worse.

In 2008 it was time for the WDS in Stockholm and I had entered both kids for that. I was very excited about going to the WDS and also to the SSS show for many reasons but one was of course that Charmin was coming. And thinking about that we had such great competition the results that followed were very satisfying.
Kiri was BOS on the SSS show and Vito got R-CACIB after Charmin at the WDS.
Kiri also got BOS at the SSS specialty in 2010 and at that same weekend she also took the WW ´10 title, losing only with her mother.
Kiri also have championship titles from Norway, Sweden and Denmark as well as being International champion. In 2009 she became Norwegian winner and m2010 Swedish winner.
In 2009 I had my second litter and it was Kiri´s first. Sire of that litter was Llawhadens Sir Jocely Lucas. There was only one female in that litter, Stina or “Stinky”, Forlegd Amfitrite, and she was shown with good results. She also produced a litter of puppies where one became WW in 2013. Sadly Stina passed away much to early in 2011.

Olga’s chapter…

Our sealyham story could sound like any other, but in fact it has been a real adventure, that started 14 years ago, when I got my first sealy girl. Or maybe it started even earlier, when I have decided that „Sealyham(!!!) it will be”.
Since I was 6 there was always a boxer accompanying me in the daily life. First Demon – lovely brindle couch potato, later Leo – fawn male with some show ambitions, but not a real ring star. Leo was an angel dog, but he was not always understood by other dogs and with some negative experiences he became less and less confident in dog-dog relations. Then I realize it’s time for a second dog at home, as a companion and (hopefully) best friend for Leo, but also a show dog for me, as I got very involved in the life of the Polish Kennel Club. Second boxer was an option, but living in an apartment, in the city center, the vision of two expresive big dogs was maybe not very realistic at that moment. But I love big dogs! Big, active and happy, friendly and good looking. But not hyper active or noisy. All my demends narrowed the pool of breeds to very few, from which the sealyham became the winner (knowing that this little white dog is actually a very big personality, which helped accepting its size)! Thinking of future shows the decision was even easier knowing that there are some really beautiful specimens in Poland based on the top winning and world wide known „Koncept” dogs.
Unfortunatelly I was a bit too late to get a dog with Koncept prefix, as Hanna Bakuniak decided to stop breeding sealyhams, having last litter in 1999, but there were a few valuable females still available for breeding so my chances of getting a promising puppy weren’t lost. I have contacted a few kennels and at the end I have selected one – very small, not well known, but the one that had the best breeding plans. The breeder, Iwona Mańkowska, had only one female – Malaga Koncept that she was planning to mate to a beautiful male – Boffin Ars Amandi, inbreeding the same on an unquestioned star and legend Gaspar Koncept who was the father of both of them.
Iwona has proved to be a very patient person, answering my every phone call and every question for several months, before THE litter was born. In the meantime I went to a grooming course, arranged by a terrier breeder and international judge Magdalena Świętoń, to get more knowledge about how to make a sealyham looks good.
Finally the day has come! April 25, 2000 was the happiest day I could imagine, Malaga gave birth to three baby girls! Iwona was well aware I wanted a female for shows, so she gave me the first choice. Already during the first visit at Iwed kennel, when the puppies were 5 weeks old, my gaze stopped at one of the babies. Later on my thoughts were confirmed by a terrier specialist, judge and sealy owner – Dorota Standełło – and little Amidala Iwed moved to our home getting a call name Kiwi.
In the blink of an eye 2 months old little white hair ball dominated an adult boxer male, but he was the happiest ever, having a friend to hang around. And for me the sealy life began!
Kiwi turned out to be made for show rings. She loved to drive and to show around, she was full of attitude! First time she stepped in the show ring was at the European Show in Poland in 2000 where, in the first words of her critic made by the famous terrier judge Hans van den Berg, she was described as „outstanding” with several exclamation marks. Her career went smooth, she won most of the shows she went to, she was placed 2nd BIS becoming the second sealy after Gaspar Koncept placed so high an the Terrier Club Show in Poland. She collected such titles as Interchampion, Champion of Poland, Champion of Slovakia, Junior Champion of Poland, Winner of Poland ’01, Winner of Lithuania ’02, Mid&East Europe Winner ’01’04, Club Winner of Poland ’02’04, Club Winner of Croatia ’02. Kiwi was my best girl, stubborn, tough, but had a heart of gold… she passed away at the age of 12… and she was suppose to be immortal…
It was easy to fall in love with sealyham terriers, find myself very welcomed in the „Sealyham Family” and all that left me no doubts that I had to find myself a second sealy! Looking around in Europe I totally lost my heart for Abricot Moonraker (Rico) owned by Carita and Harri Natunen. And one day I saw this most adorable, cutests male puppy, sired by Rico, on the Six-Pack Kennel website and did not think twice, but mailed to Carita asking about him. Mail by mail and little Six-Pack San Miguel came to Poland! With Carita! With the only difference that he stayed with me and Carita went back home after showing him at the International Show in Poznan and getting his first Best Puppy title! I could not be more grateful to Carita and Harri for the little boy called Hector! He was a sweetheart and brought a lot of improvements in the sealyham breeding in Poland (giving in three litters 10 females and 1 male – every sealyham breeder dream!). Hector didn’t enjoy shows, prefered to play with tennis ball and run in forest, but he had no problems becoming an Interchampion, Champion of Poland, Champion of Slovakia, Junior Champion of Poland, Junior Winner of Poland ’03, Club Winner of Poland ’04, Club Winner of Czech ’04, Junior Club Winner of Poland ’03, Junior Club Winner of Germany ’03.
Hector was also a perfect match for Kiwi, so with their litter the 'Saskatoon’ prefix started its existence. Three super cute girls were born: First Kiss – stayed in Poland, First Touch – went to Russia to „Seventy Seven” Kennel and First Smile – emigrated to Slovakia to Barbara Lamatova to become the foundation bitch of „Dot And Dash” Kennel. Touch became a Russian Champion and Russian Junior Champion. And Smile… she collected a long list of titles that started with Interchampion, Champion of Slovakia, Czech, Austria, Poland…
In June 2005 Barbara with her husband Peter and Smile on board came to visit us, on their way they have stopped at Basia’s family in another city in Poland. Before they arrived to us I got a message that I would have never expected. While talking to Basia’s relatives she discovered we are family!!! I still find it unbelievable, but that is true. And we would never know about existance if not thanks to sealyhams!
Oh My Hero and Oh My Handsome were born in Kiwi’s second (and last) litter, sired by Interchampion, European Winner, Junior World Winner – Falcor Junior Koncept. This litter deserves a separate story, but to make long story short – Oh My Handsome was, without my knowledge, bought by a broker and most likely died in the plane on his way to a puppy mill. I don’t have to explain I had no clue about what has happend and who actually was the man who bought my puppy. I had a serious breakdown and from a stage „I will not breed dogs anymore” I went to „I will fight!” level and started to cooperate with the American Sealyham Terriers Forever Foundation, trying to stop the horrible dealings. But that story is for another time…
Oh My Hero (Milo), on the other hand, stayed with me. If it would be possible to clone dog’s temperament I would clone Milo’s. He was a gorgeous dog – in his body, brain and heart. He collected a nice pile of titles (Interchampion, Champion of Poland, Champion of Slovakia, Champion of Sweden, Junior Champion of Poland, Winner of Poland ’07, Club Winner of Poland ’07, Mid&East Europe Cup Winner ’07, Junior Interra Winner ’06, Junior Czech Republic Winner ’06) and sired two litters. But mainly – he was a great friend with strong temperament, very clever and emotional. There was no obsticle he couldn’t open or move to get to me. When I moved to Norway – he went with me. I went to work – he was always there. Down the street – „mom, I’m coming!”. Sealyhams love to be where we are and he was the best example of it. He lived far too short… six years is far too short… he was poisoned and even the best vets were helpless…
When in 2008, having only retired Kiwi at home and Milo, Basia told me about her breeding plans, I thought it would be perfect to go back to the rootes and get a puppy after Smile and Whitepepper’s Othello who was already then a famous youngster. And that is how little Sakih – Dot And Dash Be My Saskatoon – came to Norway in April 2009. Sakih was a great choice! He was made for ring, very eye catchy and showy. He is an Interchampion, Champion of Poland, Sweden, Norway, Nordic and Swedish Winner, but the success I can rate as the best was to win the Junior class at the World Show in 2009, judged by a famous terrier specialist Gitty Schwab, and getting the Best Junior title, in a strong competition.

When the „Forlegd” starts…

We first met at the World Dog Show in 2002 and later mailed occasionally, mostly about our dogs, of course. The idea of breeding Doris to Milo showed up, but was not realize until much later… Somewhere in 2009 our online friendship went to more offline status and we have decided to „join forces”.
Same year in the summer we moved together with five dogs: Doris, Kiri, Vito, Milo and Sakih. The start of our team work was really splendid, when our dogs got everything possible on the Specialty show arranged by the Scandinavian Sealyhamterrier Society, judged by Henry Sutfliff III – Doris was Best Of Breed, Vito – BOS and Sakih – Best Puppy!
Together with Doris and Sakih we went to the World Dog Show in Bratislava same year and that was a show we will remember forever! 7-year-old Doris became the World Winner ’09 and Sakih (same as his sister Linda) – Junior World Winner ’09 and Best Junior!
Two months later the long awaited litter was born. Doris and Milo became parents of five 'Wizzards’: Zany-Minerva 'Mira’ – lives in Finland with Malin Henriksson and is so far a Swedish and Finnish Champion, competing in agility as well; Zippy-Sirius 'Tito’ – lives in South Africa with Madeleine Kleynhans and was the first sealyham in that country after decades. He easily became a Champion and was placed on groups many times; Zealous-Albus 'Ceasar’ and Zesty-Rubeus 'Hugo’ live in Sweden and are the most loved pets; last but not least – Zazzy-Severus 'Ricky’ – stayed with us! He was such a gorgeous puppy we could not resist! And we’ve never regreted this decision. He became a super elegant, but still very masculine male with some great but rare features that are (should be!) very valuable in our breed. He proves his quality constantly on the shows and so far he completed Championships of Poland, Russia, Norway, Sweden and Interchampionship. He is a Norwegian and Swedish Winner and also took reserve CACIB at the World Dog Show 2013. He is a very proud and serious dog when he performs. He loves to show and be admired. At home – he is a sweetheart and, same as his father, mama’s boy. So far he sired one litter, second is on its way and one more planned…
Another great world show for Forlegd dogs took place in Denmark. Out of three dogs shown by us, both our girls – Kiri and Doris – took it all! Kiri became a World Winner and Doris – Veteran World Winner and… Best Of Breed! Splendid!
In 2010 Kiri became a mother again .This time Sakih was her partner and we got a litter of 4 (3 males and 1 female). Weezy Hector Barbossa and Wazzup Sao Feng have a happy couch-potato-life. Wannabe Tia Dalma 'Gucci’ became a Swedish Champion and Junior Nordic Winner ’11, but the biggest star from this litter is 'Ozzy’ – Forlegd Witty Jack Sparrow – owned by Zsombor Vizi in Romania. Ozzy with no problem became a Champion, but the most important – he does a great job representing sealyhams in the main ring. He is not shown often, but despite this he won Best In Show on an all breed show, almost every time placed on Junior Best In Show or Best of Group podium.
In 2011 we moved to Poland for over two years and there our latest litter was born – the 'Madagascar’ litter – out of Kiri and Bushaway Back To Back, imported from US from Sally Sweat to Csilla Mladoniczky in Hungary. 2 males and 2 females were born. The smallest born was Yahoo Marty, who lives in Sweden, close to us and so far shown twice got Best Of Breed at an International Show and Junior Winner at the SSS Specialty Show. For a long time we could not decided which girl we want to keep. It was obvious that one will stay – they were wonderful! But, as you can always expect from an outcross, they were different in type. So at the end we decided to keep… both! One, Yack It Up Gloria, stayed with us while the second one, Yadda Yadda Gia, we offered to our friend Jenny Palmkvist in a coownership. Gia rocks! Being just 19 months she is already a Junior Winner of Denmark and Norway, Winner of Denmark, Norway and Sweden. She is also a Junior SSS Winner and Best Junior ’13. Not to mention all editional certificates… Being busy with moving back to Sweden we did not show Gloria much yet, just twice, so so far we can brag about Gloria being the cutest baby ever! But the fourth one… he is already a legend… Forlegd Yuppie Moto Moto, owned by Irina and Igor Kononenko in Russia, has everything we want from a sealyham terrier. Type, all important details that make him a perfect breed representative, movement (!!!) and last but absolutely not least – temperament! He also has the best groomer we could imagine – Irina, who makes him look outstanding every time! No wonder that so many people love him and cheer for him! We are very grateful for every support and positive feedback we get. Moto Moto is a Junior European Winner, Junior Interra Winner, Junior Champion of Russia, Poland, Lithuania, Latvia, Switzerland, Champion of Russia, Lithuania and Latvia. Almost every time he was placed on the Group or Best In Show, both Junior and 'adult’, including 2nd place on Junior Best In Show at Interra (handled that day by Geoff Dawson)!
Last year a new addition to 'Forlegd’ arrived, imported from Russia – Ricky’s son from Elena Sharapova kennel 'iz Alenushkinoy Skazki’. Little 'Felix’ Absolut Forlegd iz Alenushkinoy Skazki is co-owned by us and our friend in Sweden.
And now we are in 2014, planning a new litter soon (the last one of Kiri), but at the moment we are mostly trying to settle down after moving to a new house, that was bought mainly thinking of the dogs and their comfort. Because they need to have place for their beds! Let’s face it – they are spoiled. And they use us in the sweetest way possible. It’s impossible to get angry at them, at least not for too long. When they come and look at us with their big dark eyes and when they notice we start to smile, the tail starts to wag faster and faster and… we are lost again. Lost in sealy love!
It was a pleasure for us to be asked to write those 'few words’ to the SealyQuarter magazine. It’s one of a kind and we would like to congratulate to your fantastic work! Even though we don’t speak Russian we are glad we can admire looking at it. We also love the sealyham.ru database – keep up your good work and cooperation! I was told last year there is no such thing as 'Sealyham Family’, but I think there is! 🙂

PS. And what does a 'Forlegd’ mean? When you hear it, it sounds like 'four legged’. When you read – take every second letter and see what you find out… 🙂