Moto Moto – Crufts Winner 2015

We are over the moon!!!  Crufts!!! The World’s largest Dog Show! One of the most prestigious shows on the planet! And BEST OF BREED in sealyham terriers at Crufts 2015, judged by Ken Bartlett, goes to FORLEGD YUPPIE MOTO MOTO!!!

This is another extraordinary moment for Irina and Igor Kononenko – Moto Moto’s owners, Geoff Dawson – Moto Moto’s handler that day, Sally Sweatt – the most supportive Moto Moto’s „grandma” and last but not least us – proud Moto Moto’s breeders!!!

The best words to describe Moto Moto were said by Frank Kane, who was the commentator from main ring during Best Of Group:

„Lovely lines of the sealyham terrier, this is Moto Moto, sturdy little dog (…) this is a BEAUTIFUL specimen (…) under the beautiful presentation there is a dog capable of working; this one is EXTREMELY nice”


It was also a pleasure to read Moto Moto’s critique written by Ken Bartlett – the judge who awarded MM the Crufts Winner 2015 and Best of Breed titles (out of 35 sealyhams entered):

„Rus/Pl/Lat/Lit/Fin Ch Forlegd Yuppie Moto Moto, a smart well presented dog, in tip-top condition, liked everything about him; head, neck, front & rear angulation, good in body well ribbed good bone & muscle, looked a picture on the move with drive from the rear, keeping a good profile. CC & pleased to give him BOB” 


For those who did not have a chance to see Moto Moto live there is a video clip showing how proudly he presented himself in the breed ring:

and in the Best Of Group competition (minute 3:03 and 34:38):

Thank you for the pictures: HotDog Magazine, Carita Natunen; and for the clip big thanks to Lisa Novali

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