European Dog Show – one more reason to be proud!

The European Dog Show 2015 will be well remembered by the Forlegd Team. One more day with beautiful results under respected terrier specialist Kari Järvinen:
– Forlegd Yuppie Moto Moto – proudly became European Winner ’15 and Best Of Breed!!!
– Felix (Absolut Forlegd iz Alenushkinoy Skazki) – 2nd excellent in Champion class after Moto Moto
– Gia (Forlegd Yadda Yadda Gia) – 1st in Champion class and res.CACIB
– Kiri (Forlegd Te-Anau) – Veteran European Winner ’15
– Forlegd – Best Breeders Group

Those are our reasons to be proud breeders/owners/co-owners 🙂

Thank you to all involved in the big successes of Forlegd Family members and to all around the sealyham ring for great atmosphere and a beautiful time together 🙂

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